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In its 40 years, Rago Neon has exhibited a tremendous track record in excellent service in the industry. Our exemplary customer service and commitment to the client has propelled us, as a local neon sign company, to be a dedicated provider of signage solutions for businesses throughout the Bay Area and nationwide.

Small businesses, corporations and individuals get all their signage needs met at Rago Neon. We can handle projects of all sizes, from individual retail locations to large chains. The team of experts at Rago have decades of combined expertise in business signs and graphics. We hold ourselves to the highest standard of professionalism and have never in our history failed to meet a deadline.

Our Sign Creation Process Includes:

Sign Design

Rago Neon’s designers ensure that they have understood each customer’s individual needs. The creativity of our expert staff captures and reproduces the client’s idea in brilliant graphic form. Rago Neon’s high-quality craftsmanship continues to be appreciated by clients from a wide variety of businesses and organizations.

Permit Service

Depending on the scope of project, some customers may need complete permit-procurement process. Rago Neon assists clients through the process of acquiring a legal permit as necessary for each project.

Sign Fabrication

We carry out high-quality signage fabrication completely in-house from our Hayward facility. This include but is not limited to, Neon sign, LED sign, Metal sign fabrication, CAD-CAM fabrication, Sign Painting, Digital print and large format graphics.

Installation / Maintenance

Rago Neon’s team of well-trained and highly experienced professionals perform custom signage installations throughout the region, and nationally with service vehicles equipped to make every sign installation a smooth and efficient one.

For more information about making your business stand out with the signage services of Rago Neon, contact us at 510-537-1903 or reach out to us via our web form to schedule a consultation.

Rago Neon is a high-quality neon sign company providing custom business sign design, installation and repair services throughout San Francisco, Northern California, Oakland, Bay Area, San Jose, San Mateo, North Bay, South Bay, East Bay, Walnut Creek, Brentwood, the Tri Valley Area, Silicon Valley and Santa Clara.

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