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    Top Four Signage Designs You Will Get From Reputable San Francisco Commercial Sign Companies

    The business world is full of unique signs. Organizations and companies are adorned everywhere you go with various types of signage advertising who they are and the businesses they do. It is common to think that we are talking about letters over the door front whenever we mention signage. The truth is that there are several types of signage businesses use to boost their branding and increase customers. This post looks at the top four types of signage you can get from all reputable San Francisco commercial sign companies.

    Fascia Signs

    The classic fascia signs are the most common forms of commercial adverts in nearly all businesses. These are the main signs hanging above the doors of various businesses. The presentation and design of fascia signs may significantly affect how visitors and clients perceive your business. As such, we focus on incorporating appropriate colors, imagery, quality materials, and fonts to make a lasting impression on the onlookers.

    Illuminated Signs

    Consider investing in illuminated signs if you are looking to bring an all-night presence or incorporate a luxurious sheen to your images. Glowing signage enables visitors to identify your enterprise 24 hours a day and enhances visibility during adverse weather conditions such as heavy fog. We highly recommend that you use such signs for late-night hotels, bars, petrol stations, supermarkets, and restaurants. We use custom LED signs with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to design and customize internally illuminated light boxes for your businesses.

    Safety Signage

    The law requires every business to install safety signs at some sections in every industry. Typical uses of safety signs include showing first aid kits, fire extinguishers, and marking emergency exit routes, though the requirement may be more involved in some sectors. For instance, kitchens may have signs reminding workers about hand washing and food hygiene practices. Factories have signs notifying employees about dangerous substances and protective equipment. Luckily, our vast experience in Custom Sign Installation and designing various safety signs for years makes us your ideal partners for commercial adverts.

    Freestanding Signs

    We also design signs that will not need you to attach to any preexisting structures. These are freestanding signs that you can use on the outskirt of large business enterprises, such as next to entrances or in a car park. They serve to let clients identify where you are and show them your brand and logo before they reach the main premises. Our freestanding signs come in a broad range of sizes and shapes and from different materials that give a range of finishes.

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